Kos, Cruise Ships and Ancient Archaeological Sites

Costa Atlantica Cruise Ship at Kos Harbour Greece

Our plan today was to do some sightseeing in the city and so after a self prepared authentic  Greek breakfast on the balcony of the room we left the Hotel Santa Marina and walked again to the seafront and the road into the city.

Unfortunately today a massive cruise ship was moored up, ugly, monstrous and completely incongruous, dwarfing the city and the castle and spoiling the view of the harbour and the sea front, an eleven-deck eyesore soaring above the harbour and resembling a block of 1970s council flats, no style or charm, just a floating unattractive leviathan.

These loathsome giants spoil everywhere they visit; Santorini has become a crowded  nightmare, Dubrovnik is overwhelmed, Venice is sinking under the weight of tens of thousands of people.  I hate these cruise ships not least because I immediately knew that it would unleash hoards of cruisers swarming from the ship for a quick culture break in between continuous gluttony at the all day, all you can eat on board troughs.

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11 responses to “Kos, Cruise Ships and Ancient Archaeological Sites

  1. Spot-on about cruise ships.

    Worst of all, is the fact that these monsters pollute the sea by emptying all their sewage into it.


  2. I take it you have never been on a cruise ship then? 😀 I’m not the only one who refers to them as floating council estates then. It is beyond me why people pay vast sums of money to be cooped up with a load of people, who you don’t know, almost certainly don’t want to know, and only get a couple of hours to visit any remotely interesting tourist attractions on shore.

    Actually I doubt tourists here do buy anything as there are no twee jewellery shops or ‘local’ clothing. People do seem to wander into marks and spencer though. Perhaps buying something from marks in Gib is better than from marks in the UK? Tourists do spend on food and drink here though at the pubs. Which is more than I would/have ever done as most of it looks pretty standard british pub fare 😦

    Adrian is quite a willing archaeological site participant, he certainly enjoyed Carteia. He didn’t come round Baelo Claudio though but that was because he thought we had to pay. If he’d known it was free he would have come with me. Perhaps we should go back.

    Sounds like a good morning though, three sites and a beer (or two) and the castle does look impressive.


    • My mum has turned into a frightening cruise fanatic and she will have nothing said against them so I have given up trying. Last month she stopped in Gibraltar but she said she didn’t like the monkeys!


      • One of my work colleagues used to spend most of her holidays on cruise ships. They went on one round New Zealand and hadn’t got half way down south island and they had drunk the ship dry. It had to take on extra supplies at Christchurch! They had a good holiday apparently.

        Does she not like monkeys anyway or did she not like our monkeys? 😦

        Nearly six years and the novelty still hasn’t worn off for me of walking down the high street and seeing a monkey sitting on the pavement/bench/wall/in the tree. But I still walk out to watch the goats and the sheep going past our house in Spain too.


      • Andrew Petcher

        She has never mentioned this monkey thing before but I think the truth is they don’t like getting off the ship at all that much!


      • Andrew Petcher

        While you were inactive , did you see this: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/focus-on-expat-life-blogs/


  3. Indeed I did. I wasn’t totally inactive (apart from on my own blogs :D). In fact I commented on it in my usual helpful fashion:

    And eight out of ten blogs were American citizens?
    There is another world outside the USA which is why this post has so many comments.
    Please, if you want to look ex-pat – look european. We have been doing it for centuries. Or are you just looking at students on a year out? Some of us did that too. But really, you are ignoring the rest of the world.

    I dread to think what they say about me at WordPress. But I am convinced it is administered by half a dozen American teenagers, some of their writing and recommended blogs are so clichéed.


  4. Agree totally about modern cruise ships, With their huge superstructure they look just like container ships. Having said that my aunt loves them, but each to their own.
    I love the then and now comparisons, I remember my shorts wee much shorter inthe 80s too!


    • Smaller shorts were ok with smaller waistlines! My mum has become a cruise fanatic and will not have a word said against them!


  5. I’m not quite the fan of cruise ships. Each time I think about hopping on a cruise I relate it to the vast amount of money I’m burning being stuck in a beautifully furnished container floating on unfamiliar waters; I’ll give it up and just take a plane somewhere where I can walk on solid ground, maybe then pay for a 4star hotel or something. 🙂 Great post anyway!


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