Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Uninvited Sleeping Partner…

During the night a crawly insect had disturbed Rachel but Richard had dismissed this as imagination and told her to back to sleep.  He was forced to reassess his judgment and apologise next morning when he came across a spider that was at least four inches from the end of one of its legs to another.  I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep with it that’s for sure and Richard absolutely wouldn’t tackle it this morning without back-up!

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6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. Aw c’mon, you wusses! A coffee cup over him, a postcard under him and he’s tossed into the the neighbours’ room before he knows what hit him.

    (This from an Aussie ‘That’s not a spider…THIS is a spider!’)


  2. AARRRGGGHHHHHH!! Runs away screaming from computer ……….


  3. Yikes! Reminds me of the HUGE spiders I encountered in N. Scotland. OMG! When I did the upturned glass things I swear it reared on its back four legs! And damn they were fast! and I admit I am a spider woose from the states…LOL


  4. Big is right! I’m not sure which is creepier: the size or the fact that it’s in the bed. Either way, combined they’d creep me right out of the hotel and possibly the country.


  5. Yaaauuurrkkk!!!


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