Bodrum, Shopping, Saunas and Sightseeing

Bodrum Turkey

There was a perfect blue sky when I was woken by shafts of sunlight creeping into the room through the gaps in the curtains and I lay still for awhile contemplating being in a new country and I began to think of the most obvious things that I associated with Turkey – Turkish Delight, Turkish Baths, Turkish Tea, Turkish Wrestling, Constantinople, Magic Carpets, Kebabs and Belly Dancers and when my mind was quite cluttered up with all of these items I got up and opened the window and was greeted with a powerful aroma that reminded me of one more thing – Turkish Coffee!

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11 responses to “Bodrum, Shopping, Saunas and Sightseeing

  1. …and well done on reaching 400,000 hits! Half a million in view now.


  2. Some people are awfully observant! (Richard, I mean)
    I love the idea of UNESCO and the Knights engaged in verbal battles, Andrew. Ding! ding! Time out.


  3. Speaking of ding- nice bells!


  4. Nice visit! I would have joined you instead of the shopping. I get dizzy in those markets. Then I end up buying nothing.


  5. Sounds like a great day!


  6. I could have spent at least half a day at Bodrum Castle. We arrived at lunchtime, and the lady in the ticket booth was kind enough to let us know that some exhibits close for lunch… so we went and did a bit of window shopping and then came back later — and were glad we did.

    Bodrum Castle is amazing to walk around, and the view from the ramparts is glorious. Plenty of photo opportunities for sure.


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