Bodrum, A Bus Ride and Souvenir Shopping

Yalikavak Bodrum Turkey

““Do you like that?” I’ll say in surprise since it doesn’t seem like her type of thing, and she’ll look at me as if I’m mad.  That!?” She’ll say, “No, it’s hideous” “Then why on earth,” I always want to say, “did you walk all the way over there to touch it?”  but of course…I have learned to say nothing when shopping because no matter what you say…  it doesn’t pay, so I say nothing.”  Bill Bryson – ‘Notes From a Small Island’

After the previous day spent in the streets of Bodrum we decided today to see just a little more of Turkey and take a bus to the town of Yalikavak on the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsular.

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5 responses to “Bodrum, A Bus Ride and Souvenir Shopping

  1. I agree that I’m an absolute non-browser. I shop by thinking about it very carefully for days or weeks or months, then buying something that is wrong for the job anyway. (We’re talking computer, outdoor and cycling gear here – clothes and perfumes are never on my shopping list).


  2. Sorry to blow the stereotype, but hate shopping worse than nearly anything. 🙂


  3. I’m not a browser too, Andrew. I get really bored. You can usually find me sitting at a nearby cafe sipping a hot libation and reading a book, while I wait for everyone else to finish their purchases. 🙂


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