Bodrum, A Lazy Day on a Boat

Bodrum Harbour Turkey

When we booked the all day boat cruise around Bodrum Bay I suppose that we were hoping to reprise the boat trip day with Captain Ben at Antiparos the previous year because it had been a wonderful day and we rather liked the idea of doing it again.  The full day trip was very reasonably priced at only thirty Turkish Lira so we happily signed up and handed over our cash.

As it was end of season the boat wasn’t overcrowded and we selected our positions for the day on the top deck and waited for the time when the skipper was ready to raise the gang plank, started the engine and carefully manoeuvre the wooden boat out of the crowded harbour.  It slipped past the rows of swanky yachts, beneath the shadow of St. Peter’s castle and into the bay where the sun was dancing like dainty fairies on the water ballroom dance floor.

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7 responses to “Bodrum, A Lazy Day on a Boat

  1. Nice dive…and description of the splintered shards of glass moment. Degree of difficulty 2.8, artistic execution…um?…


  2. What an enjoyable day trip! And at 30 liras? Impressive. The water looks clear too! Like you I probably would not have jumped off the ledge. Ummm, nope.


  3. Sounds like a fantastic diving experience – yours, not the poor girl with the sore bum, that is!


  4. You let your descriptive powers do somersaults with this post, Andrew. Never can resist a boat trip. Our return cruise from Porto was my best ever, but entirely different in character, and probably as near to joining the cruise set as I’ll ever get.


  5. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Bodrum – Most people return many times – some never leave.


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