Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Wall Tile Decoration, Fez, Morocco

Abdul drove the taxi along the city walls on one side and the gardens and decorative walls of the Royal Palace on the other.  The King lives mostly in Rabat but will visit his other palaces every now and again so there was a heavy presence of military guards at strategic points around the walls.  Our first stop was at the decorative bronze main gates of the palace with carved cedar wood panels and blue tiled arches with elaborate wood and plaster decoration.

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

  1. Fantastic choice for the theme. All those gazillion tiles. Beautiful.


  2. Oh yes, also very nice!


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  4. Lovely – makes me want to visit Morocco ASAP!


  5. Absolutely love the colors


  6. Now that’s ‘proper’ geometry!


  7. Beautiful photos for the weekly challenge Andrew.


  8. I love these Moroccan tiles. I was in the Grand Mosque in Paris this year and they were so similar to the ones in Fez.


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