Kalymnos, Sponges and a Monastery

Kalymnos Kos Dodecanese

The coast road to Vathi wasn’t the most attractive I have ever driven but it swooped around the sides of the hills and gave good views out to sea and the neighbouring island of Pserimos until suddenly and without warning it turned inland and after climbing for a while we emerged into an unexpected fertile green valley full of citrus trees in neat rows in carefully cultivated fields which was in complete contrast to the barren appearance that we had become accustomed to. The road suddenly turned back on itself until it reached the village of Rena and reached the sea and could go no further.

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3 responses to “Kalymnos, Sponges and a Monastery

  1. Love your little discourse on sponges, Andrew. Nicely done. Never made Kalymnos, alas.


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