Kos, Diamond Deluxe and Final days

Diamond Deluxe Lambi

The Diamond Deluxe is one of those modern ubiquitous hotels that could be anywhere, Cancun, Taiwan, Sydney because there are no concessions to being in Greece at all.  If I had arrived blindfolded I would not have known where in the world I was.  As it is, I seriously doubt of many of the guests knew that they were in Greece, but then again, show them a map of the world and they probably wouldn’t be able to point it out anyway.  They weren’t here to be in Greece they were here to sit basting in the sun, turning their sunbeds and watching their skin progress through various shades of red in between the occasional dip in the pool and the twenty metre walk to the overpriced cocktail bar.

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4 responses to “Kos, Diamond Deluxe and Final days

  1. We once made the mistake of staying in the Conrad in Istanbul, Nowhere near any tourist sites, plus expensive food and drink, won’t make that mistake again


  2. Seems like the star of the show was the “Mythos” – Cheers for an entertaining story.


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