Greece and Turkey – The Boat Souvenir

I had some difficulty getting through the body scanner at passport control in Bodrum without setting it off so this left Kim by herself to deal with the request to open my bag that had gone through the scanner and caused some excitement.  I think she suddenly remembered the film ‘Midnight Express’ when a stay in a Turkish prison was decidedly unpleasant and mindful of this she blurted out ‘It isn’t mine!’ and raising a finger and clearly identifying me as the owner said ‘It’s his, it’s his!’  

The security guard was rather perplexed by my bag of driftwood and a few rusty nails but seemed to accept my explanation about the souvenir boat building project and he let us both pass.

The Corfu Souvenir Boat

12 responses to “Greece and Turkey – The Boat Souvenir

  1. Great souvenir. My beach has more driftwood than you’d know what to do with. 😉


  2. I’m curious about what holds it together – Greek superglue you found on the beach?

    You should enter it in Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney 2013.


  3. That is very cool! 🙂


  4. That’s a great photo and so creative!


  5. Brilliant! I adore the boat too. There is nothing better than a walk along a beach collecting drift wood, wonderful.


  6. Love the new header, Andrew. Are you going to sell the boats or just making them for fun? I know- I should read the post but I’ve been on here a while and the eyes are going!


  7. I have grown quite fond of your boat projects, Andrew. Can you line them up and photograph them one of these days?


  8. Such a lovely idea, Andrew! Your boat is beautiful!


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