Venice, San Marco, Tourists, Reflections, Floods and Pigeons

Reflection in a Venice Canal

“Though there are some disagreeable things in Venice there is nothing so disagreeable as the visitors.”
Henry James

From the Rialto we took as direct a path as we could determine in the direction of St Mark’s Square, a route which took us through more twisting alleyways and distracting shopping streets that were become incrementally more expensive as we got closer to the famous piazza and then suddenly we were out of the tangled web of alleys and joined thousands of others in admiration of the unmistakable square.

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12 responses to “Venice, San Marco, Tourists, Reflections, Floods and Pigeons

  1. Great reflection shots – really nice technique. I had been reading about the high water, glad you missed the worst of it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Very nice reflection shots… but isn’t the third one upside down?


  3. Loved the first photo. The very first time I visited Venice the San Marco square was flooded but the wooden walks were out so I didn’t have to walk through water. Luckily my other visits were nice and dry. By the way, did you see the link to my friend in Italy that I left on my blog for you? I think she might be able to help you with a rental in Italy.


  4. What an excellent post! Wow! The quality of this post was both refreshing and thrilling to consume. Thanks for sharing, Andrew.


  5. Love that first shot – stunning!


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