Venice, A Walk through the Old City

Venice Italy Gondola Canals

“Oh Venice! Venice! when thy marble walls
Are level with the waters, there shall be
A cry of nations o’er thy sunken halls,
A loud lament along the sweeping sea!
If I, a northern wanderer, weep for thee.”                                                                       
Lord Byron

As well as pigeon feeding and picnics in St Mark’s Square it seems that the Venice authorities are also cracking down on illegal street traders and where they set up impromptu pavement shop with impunity ten years ago they are no longer allowed to and although one or two tried their luck the police were quick to move in and we saw one nasty little altercation where an officer confiscated the merchandise and the trader fought back, no doubt worried about how we would explain the loss of stock to his suppliers and bosses.

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23 responses to “Venice, A Walk through the Old City

  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure, Andrew! 🙂 I love your story of the Bridge of Sighs and your photo & description of the laundry in the alley.


  2. Definitely one of the best places in the world for just setting off on a wander and getting completely lost in its maze of back streets and bridges. I loved Venice.


  3. I enjoyed walking with you and need a sit down and a Peroni now. My first introduction to Venice was by train too – a great way to approach, especially at sunset.


  4. This may be odd, but my favorite photos is of the laundry. I love seeing everyday life when I travel. don’t get me wrong, all the historical stuff is amazing, but it brings it home that people live there. Hope that makes sense.


  5. We have always enjoyed Venice when we visited. I enjoyed the background story on the bridge of sighs. There must have been many who traversed through that one, for a final glimpse of the city. Thee are some good restaurants as well as really eat food shops to buy food from. From Venice, we would rent a car and drive to the lakes.


  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and now taking me back to Venice. Hubby and I spent much of our time there wandering aimlessly, some would call it lost 🙂 We missed the Bridge of Sighs so appreciate seeing it through your post!


  7. Fabulous – it’s such a magical place. Have you read Jan Morris’s book, called Venice? Recommended.


  8. I have never seen so much laundry hung out to dry except in movies. Now that’s a picture of real inhabitants and true living. 🙂


  9. Too bad you couldn’t get anybody to do a repeat of the Doge’s Palace, I would definitely see that again. I remember getting lost… sort of… in the maze of streets looking for a restaurant…. every 100 meters or so we would ask for directions and were told it was just 100 meters that way… in the opposite direction, of course… but getting lost in a city is always a good way to see places you wouldn’t otherwise encounter!


  10. Have been following your blogs since early January Andrew. Europe is a long way from Australia! , but we have loved our two extended trips their. Visited Venice in 2004 and took the identical photo of the Bridge of Sighs – even knew the story behind it. Your story brought back memories of our visit – indeed a magical place.
    Currently enjoying your visit to Puglia – it’s on the bucket list! Thanks for sharing your travels. Mick from Oz.


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