Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

River Reflections Castres France

Lining the river on the right bank were les Maisons sur l’Agout which is the old medieval riverside quarter where the old tanners’ and weavers’ half timbered houses with running balconies overhang the water and their colourful shutters and windows cast reflections on the gentle water of the river.  It reminded me of Girona in Catalonia although this was much smaller in scale and rather more attractive.

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12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Andrew this photo gave me goosebumps it’s so beautiful. Wow!


  2. Lovely photo, Andrew!
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    Happy travels!


  3. I’m confused by the confetti in the water, Andrew. Was there a wedding?


  4. Beautiful choice.


  5. Looks surreal 🙂 beautiful!


  6. Great photo, Andrew. I thought it was a painting at first.


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