Verona, The Amphitheatre

Verona Italy Amphitheatre

“There is no world without Verona walls                                                                           But purgatory, torture, hell itself                                                                                     Hence banished is banish’d from the world                                                                      And world’s exile is death”                                                                                      Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet

The good thing about travelling to this region of Italy and not staying within the confines of the Venetian Lagoon is that there was the opportunity to go beyond the watery city and see so much more and today our plan was to travel west and visit the ancient and famous city of Verona.

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7 responses to “Verona, The Amphitheatre

  1. I was there only a month ago! Climbed to the top of the amphitheatre (legs suffered for it the next couple of days). When we were there they were setting it up for a rock concert – Adriano. Fascinating to see the ancient structure still very much a part of the town’s life.


  2. We have only seen the Coliseum in Rome and the one in Arles. We did see quite a few ruins in Turkey. I can imagine they must age been quite grand too in their days.

    You have given us reasons to visit Verona.


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