Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Canal

I led people on along Stadhouderskade before crossing through a small public park and into Weteringschans and around the next corner was my objective.  As we turned in the others all sympathised with me that we hadn’t found the Reguliersgracht and what a shame this was but, quite by chance, this was perfect timing because here was my opportunity to say ‘Da Da!’ and throw open my arms in theatrical style to introduce them to the prettiest canal in Amsterdam!  So we walked along the narrow street in the shade of the towering gabled houses with their brightly coloured shutters and crossed the seven bridges one by one in a sort of zig-zag fashion as we made our way along its length and back towards the Old Town area.

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. wow..that is one strange photo. At first it looks like a grand mixture of zig-zags but then when you look closer you can see the reflection..a very good example


  2. That is an awesome photo! Love it.


  3. Great shot! I had a picture of the canal reflections too, but it wasn’t as well composed as yours. Beautiful colours!


  4. WOW … what a great shot. I totally have photo envy.


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