Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Ciudad Rodrigo in the Fog

Ciudad Rodrigo on a Foggy Morning:

…Actually as it turned out it would have been a whole lot better if the wind had continued to blow because when we woke in the morning there was a thick fog and the city was completely obscured from view from the hotel windows.  It was all rather spooky but above it we could make out pale blue sky so this made us more confident than we really had a right to be about the day.

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11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

  1. Really like this one Andrew. Lots of atmosphere and such subtle tones. Beautiful.


  2. great photo thank you


  3. Great composition and mood.


  4. like a lovely painting!


  5. I have enjoyed following your blog!!!


  6. What a beautiful photo. So chilly and quiet and calm.


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