Venice, Carnival Masks and the Cathedral

Venice Italy Carnival Mask

“What a funny old city this Queen of the Adriatic is! Narrow streets, vast, gloomy marble palaces, black with the corroding damps of centuries, and all partly submerged; no dry land visible anywhere, and no sidewalks worth mentioning…”                                                                                                                              Mark Twain

There was a strange calmness about the back streets which was in complete contrast to the busy main thoroughfares and here and there we came across traditional artisans shops selling glass or paper and every now and then a costumier and carnival mask maker.

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11 responses to “Venice, Carnival Masks and the Cathedral

  1. The masks are beautiful and wonderful. I would love to try and make one. I will search Youtube to see if there is a video on how to make them. Probably not.


  2. Venice is an enchantress of a city – great write up and photos!


  3. Wonderful! One day we will visit this carnival. But I think, whether to rent costumes in Venice or bring them with us? What do you think?


  4. How much is reasonable on one day?


  5. Our Adventure in Croatia

    great post! going to Venice in a couple of weeks and looking forward to it even more now!


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