Padova, Too Much to See, Too Little Time

Padova Italy

A narrow graffitied lane led from Piazza del Doumo to Piazza Della Erbe where to my horror there were even more market stalls but this was principally a food market with all manner of colourful items on display and I was particularly captivated by the fungi – especially coming from a country where we only eat about four different varieties of equally tasteless mushrooms and think that chestnuts are especially adventurous – because the woodland produce on display here was colourful, pungent, mysterious, dangerous, misshapen and a whole lot more interesting than our ubiquitous tasteless varieties.

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8 responses to “Padova, Too Much to See, Too Little Time

  1. Thank you Andrew, great pictures and very good description…Are you or were you a Travel writer


  2. Just like we are. πŸ™‚ Often we come to a city for a few days only to realize – it is necessary to return there.


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