Freshly Pressed


WordPress seem to go to a lot of trouble to convince users that ‘Freshly Pressed’ is fair, impartial and based on critical selection.

Consider this then from a blog page I chanced upon…

“It has been interesting to look back over 2012 to see which posts were the most popular. Bagni di Lucca and Beyond has been Freshly Pressed twice this year, which has been great fun. Thank you WordPress for choosing.”

It is a nice blog but it isn’t brilliant (sorry).

I say no more…

19 responses to “Freshly Pressed

  1. Um, it must be raining again over there! I see you didn’t do a link so I will have to find it myself. I’ve seen drivel freshly pressed twice too. I nearly mentioned my extremely brilliant sit on FP in my annual review of 2012 but modesty got in the way. Meanwhile guess I better luck up bagni and see how crap it is 😀 seeing as you didn’t add the link.


    • Just irritates me that I read good stuff (including yours) and then I see crap like this!
      No rain today as it happens but very cold – I expect the sun is shining in Gib?


      • The sun is indeed shining in Gib – outside. It shines on the righteous. Although not in their flat!

        You are full of new year warmth, thanks for that. If I got FP I doubt I would stick the award on the blog anyway. So not me.

        I looked it up. Sound like a pair of estate agents to me. Nice pix. So what? Otherwise – unremarkable.

        Not like you to have a go like this 😀 Usually my style!


      • Exactly and they probably pay for premium services! Thought I’d end the year with a grumble while I think of new projects…


  2. Happily, I don’t bother following FP, as I’m sure it must be computer-generated. 😉


    • I am sure you are right! It’s the deception that irritates me – ok, it’s their blogging platform and they can do what they like (I appreciate the fact that I can use it) but I would prefer them to be honest about how FP is selected!


  3. Glad to hear that Andrew- i thought it was just me that thought that, never wanted to comment about it for fear of being labelled a “Sour Graper” 🙂


  4. Thank you for expressing what many of us are thinking, puzzling over, wondering, even feeling quite indignant about, Andrew. I was beginning to think that the criteria for good writing has changed so much.


  5. I don’t ever look at FP these days; if I want tedium I can always read about the global economy.


  6. Can’t remember the last time I looked at it – it’s just for Bloggers who can’t spell.


  7. I’m a yank, and I can usually spell, but I don’t look at FP.


  8. I haven’t read FP in ages, forgot about it I suppose.


  9. Who knows what’s what anymore? A lot of life is a crapshoot it seems to me of late.


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