P&O Mini-Cruise, Delft – Canals, Pottery and Cheese

Delft the Netherlands

A weak winter sun was shining through a veil of high cloud when the transfer coach dropped us off at Rotterdam central station and although I suppose it was rather rude we didn’t spend any time in Holland’s second largest city but made straight for the ticket office because we had plans to visit nearby Delft.

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13 responses to “P&O Mini-Cruise, Delft – Canals, Pottery and Cheese

  1. So if I come back next instalment, will I get a tour of the Delft pottery factory? I had my hopes up there that I was going to see lots of blue and white. No, I’m not a Coventry fan, but I do like cheese.


  2. The cyclists inamsterdam are a menace, they don’t stop at red lights and chain their bikes up obstructing the pavements seemingly so that other cyclists can swear at you when you wander into the cycle lane to circumnavigate the parked cycles. Kind of like in London really


  3. I went to the Henri Willig cheese shop in Amsterdam and had a great time sampling the free cheeses, but ended up buying more chocolate and waffles than cheese.


  4. Love the bikes by the stadhuis. It’s time I went back to Delft, preferably in a non-touristy time. I think you got it right. Delft is one of the prettiest towns in Nederland, though also one of the most popular.


  5. The photo of the cheese wheels in the shop window brought me here. Wowee… I hope you bought one? Also love the photo of the row of bikes – and loved your description of the tinkling bells.

    I loved Holland when we visited there – good lord it was 40 years ago! I’m not that old! surely!


    • Well, I bought some cheese but not one of the large ones! It was such a good day that I am going back at the beginning of February – with a two night crossing fare of only £24 I can’t resist it!


      • Good gracious 24 pounds is the bargain of the year – That’s one of the benefits of living in the UK. If I found a flight under $600 to Europe I’d be lucky!
        I look forward to going with you in Feb 🙂


  6. I want to go there!


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