P&O Mini-Cruise, Delft – Vermeer, Explosions and Travel Plans

Delft Vermeer

Art in the seventeenth century in Holland is known as the Dutch Golden Age and in Delft there was a school of painters, the most famous of whom was Johannes Vermeer and acting on the recommendation of fellow blogger Richard Tulloch (http://richardtulloch.wordpress.com/) one thing that I definitely wanted to do today was to visit the Vermeer House museum.

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11 responses to “P&O Mini-Cruise, Delft – Vermeer, Explosions and Travel Plans

  1. Glad it was worth acting on the recommendation, Andrew. i’m flattered to be taken seriously. Now I must step inside the Oude Kerk to see Vermeer’s grave next time I’m in Delft.


  2. I hadn’t heard about that explosion before. It does look pretty in Girl With Pearl Earring – is it as pretty as Bruges?


  3. Seems like a great plan to me, Andrew.


  4. whoops! gunpowder man made big mistake and lost his job!


  5. That sounds like quite the explosion!


  6. Wicked photographs, Andrew. Awesome.


    • Thanks. The second picture is my favourite. I bought some postcards and they put them in a paper bag and I put them in my pocket. I didn’t notice it until I got home. It was a bit creased so I ironed it, scanned it and posted it!


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