P&O Mini-Cruise, Delft – Churches and Executions

Delft Market Square

Just why a city that already had one massive church needed another one seems rather odd to me, perhaps the Protestant City officials thought they should have one more than the Roman Catholics whose own massive church stands close by.

The New Church is the burial place of the Princes’ of Orange and contains the allegorical monument to William the Silent, designed and built by by Hendrik de Keyser about 1621, and also the tomb of Hugo Grotius, born in Delft in 1583 and responsible for drafting early international law and whose statue stands in the market-place outside the church.

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7 responses to “P&O Mini-Cruise, Delft – Churches and Executions

  1. They’re surprisingly happy people, the Dutch. You’d think no amount of riches would compensate for those disappointing World Cup finals.


  2. I’m guessing England is near the bottom of that Happy Planet index. Do you reckon you would have seen much of Rotterdam in 1 hour?


  3. Both churches (old and new) were built before the 15th century, when everybody was catholic. The reason for building another huge church seems to be vanity.


  4. I can’t get over that torture and execution. Talk about over kill. Shaking my head that people can do that to anything living.


  5. I also feel quite ill at the description of all that torture. Good grief!
    I wonder how a common man managed to get into the palace so easily that he could shoot the king?


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