P&O Mini-Cruise – Hull to Rotterdam

Hull to Rotterdam

Normally I take a low cost airline flight to a chosen destination but with a bargain price of £23 each for a return ferry crossing from Hull to Rotterdam this was too good an opportunity to miss. My son, Jonathan, was due to come and stay for a few days and with the weather too bad for golf then I needed alternative plans that would get him out of bed by mid-afternoon.

7 responses to “P&O Mini-Cruise – Hull to Rotterdam

  1. That is cheap! What cheap airlines do you prefer?


  2. very cheap, I used to use speed ferries from the Uk to France, but they have closed down 😦


  3. £23 is a great bargain as long as you weren’t seasick?

    Andrew I have the same theme as you. I love the way you change the photo at the top of the page. Why am I unable to change the photo at my blog?
    On the edit page at the bottom right I click “Set featured image” but nothing changes…


    • That is strange. If I click “set featured image” it brings up my media library and gives the opportunity to download. Only difference that I can see is that my page is set to 3 columns and I don’t have the blog name displayed at the top. WP does seem to be inconsistent at times – I didn’t get your latest post in my reader! Good luck getting to the bottom of it!


      • I contacted WP about the missing post in the reader and the Happiness Engineer followed me temporarily and sent me a link showing me that my post came up in his reader.

        I’ve been thinking of changing my theme because I cant change the featured image and also because the picture at the top is so narrow in Coraline. When I started my blog I had no idea how to chose one theme over another and I’d just read the book “coraline” and loved it so that’s why I ended up with that theme. Why did you chose it?


      • Hi Rosie. I just tested my blog against a number of available themes and this was the one I liked. It is really easy to do. I think I get a bigger header picture because I don’t have a title and I have 3 columns instead of 2. Good luck. Incidentally your missing post turned up in my reader!


      • Well that’s interesting that it turned up in your reader! Thanks for telling me.
        I have to go to work now – yeah I work Sundays! – but when I come home I’ll see whether taking off the title gives me more picture. Thanks Andrews


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