Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Detail

Renewing the Nets

Fishing Nets…

The harbour was in a mid afternoon stupor, the metal fish stalls were empty, the fishing nets were repaired and neatly stacked and the men who would go out in the boats later were resting in their boats, some sleeping, some drinking coffee and some just idly chatting with fellow sailors.  I imagine this is a treadmill sort of life where every day follows the same pattern as the one before and the one that will follow.

The next morning we took a stroll along the harbour to watch the last of the fishing fleet return one by one where family were waiting to take the catch, clean and gut, grade and sort and put out on iced beds under the shade of umbrellas for sale whilst keeping vigil and waiting for customers.

Out all night but there was no immediate rest for the fishermen because whilst this was going on there was more work yet to be done untangling, repairing and storing the nets, cleaning the pots and clearing down the decks.

12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Detail

  1. It’s a tough life and a dangerous one (at least here on our shore). Great shots for the theme!


  2. Oh yes, nets, ropes and boats, the older the better. Always good in a photo, Andrew. Very nice!


  3. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your visit. It is grand to meet other travel & photo lovers.
    Wonderful details & colors in these photos.


  4. Love the first photo of the rope and nets. Beautiful, beautiful composition.


  5. My French Heaven

    Love the header picture!!


  6. Love the blue and coral ropes together. Such vivid colour!


  7. Some good images here. I’d like to see 1 or 2 shot of just the blue rope or the orange fishing net (Lack of a better term.) That way you don’t have competing colors, textures, and lines.


  8. We have a fish market, good to see a post appreciating fishermen. It’s a hard life but they wouldn’t have any other. Love the textures of the nets. different nets for different species.


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