Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Seafood Dining…

Kim will eat mostly anything and Christine reluctantly finished hers but I would not describe Sue as a seafood enthusiast at the best of times and she really prefers her fish either in breadcrumbs or batter. 

I wouldn’t say that she is a fussy eater but when it comes to fish she doesn’t really care for things that slither, float, or crawl about the seabed so she pushed this ugly critter around the plate a couple of times and then tried to cover it up with her knife and fork in a way that we used to try and hide uneaten food as children.    It didn’t work then and it didn’t work now and this gastro incident was a serious setback in Sue’s journey towards more adventurous dining. 

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

  1. I pretty much feel that way about meat, though I like most fish.


  2. Why does anyone ruin fish by coating it in either bread or batter.


  3. My only concession to that kind of cooking is to marinate salmon in white wine and lemon oil (best for 24 hours in fridge) wipe it dry and wrap it in pastry and bake in the oven. Marinade can then be used to make a sauce.


  4. What is the fish in the picture? I can’t recognize it sitting in that hard shell?

    When I was in Spain last year most of the women in our group refused to even taste the “pulpo”. Such a shame as it was delicious


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