Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Capricho Rillano

Capricho Rillano – A house in the style of Antoni Gaudi

And so we left Molina de Aragon and headed back and the first village that we came to was Rillo de Gallo and there staring out over the main road was an unusual house built in the style of Antoni Gaudi and looking completely out of place with its surroundings. This it turns out was the Capricho Rillano built by Juan Antonio Martinez Moreno and substantially unfinished which made me wonder if it had the necessary planning or development consents?

More about Gaudi…

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

  1. So very Gaudi, looks great. 🙂


  2. So Gaudi indeed! Doesn’t “capricho” mean “whim?” Was this house built on a whim?


  3. I don’t know Gaudi, but what an amazing roof! Thanks for sharing it.



  4. my god that house looks amazing. I’d love to see inside.


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