Northern Spain – Car Hire and Madrid to Sigüenza

Sigüenza sepulchre of Martín Vázquez de Arce

Despite the ambition to visit as much of Spain as possible this was the first visit to the peninsular in nearly two years since the previous trip to Extremadura in May 2011.  Our destination this time was Castilla-La Mancha and the medieval town of Sigüenza in the Province of Guadalajara halfway between Madrid and the capital city of the Autonomous Community of Aragon – Zaragoza.

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11 responses to “Northern Spain – Car Hire and Madrid to Sigüenza

  1. Ah, the joy of traveling. 😀


  2. About time you got round to writing this! It would have to be a German nit-picking about the car hire (she says stereotyping naughtily).

    To be honest I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the last couple of years, although a tremendous difference in the last ten, for example. You are probably right about hotel prices, I think one of the Ibis ones used to charge 69€ a room and the last advertising sign I saw said 49€ (I think).

    The rate has gone back up again 🙂 I got 1.17 yesterday, I think it was around ten cents less last week or the week before. I’m wondering if it is seasonal – put the rate down for Easter when people go away …


  3. Love the bit about the German Andrew-hilarious and so true! whenever they walk in our shop my heart sinks as i know they´ll be back the next day to point out some miniscule and irrelevent detail about something they´ve bought from us.As my wife is German i get her to deal with it-fighting fire with fire i call it! 🙂


    • Thanks Adrian – I hope I didn’t offend anyone!


      • Not at all Andrew, national traits is what makes Europe such a colourful should hear what the Spanish say about them-does´nt stop the Spanish going to work in Germany though. the ability to take the mickey out of one another as europeans-is a costant source of amusement to me 🙂


  4. Interesting that you’re able to rent old cars. In the US, the major rental agencies only rent pristine cars. To get an old one, you’d have to go out of your way to a “we rent junk” specialty place.

    Once again, your beautiful photos make me think that Spain really must be on my schedule in the next few years. I love the Moorish influenced architecture.


    • Firefox is part of Hertz. Hertz rent the cars first and after they get dented and scratched they pass them on to Firefox who rent them out at a discounted price. Thanks for reading and the comment.


  5. Snap! (the postcard)
    Every time I hear the word Guadalajara I’m off singing the Steely Dan number, so you’ve a lot to answer for tonight. And I can’t wait for the festival, and hopefully Zaragoza?


  6. As a result, did your navigator realized that it is in Spain?


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