Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Foreign Currency:

The euro is useful because it has simplified travel to Europe but I miss the old pre-euro currencies. To have a wallet full of romantic and exciting sounding notes made you feel like a true international traveller. I liked the French franc and the Spanish peseta and the Greek drachma of course but my absolute favourite was the Italian lira simply because you just got so many.

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. Wow. i didn’t even think of money for this challenge. Nice!


  2. Agree! I treasure my old European money. The best souvenirs ever!


  3. A very creative take on the challenge. I love it!


  4. Ukrainian hrivna are my favourite – so colourful.


  5. I thought of throwing in some coins for “change”, but the challenges are starting to annoy me (only because I’m so busy lately, I still like to see what others do.) I’ve always thought the various old European currency was pretty. Ours is downright dull…. dead Presidents as they say.


  6. that’s more than a change.


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