Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Redundancy, Retirement and Readjustment:

The end of April 2011 marked the end of thirty-five years working in Local Government and more than a quarter of that time in my final job.

I worked there for ten years and in truth it was a wonderful place to work, it was satisfying and rewarding and in the time but the last three months had been difficult.  Obliged to work an extended notice but obviously not part of the future, increasingly excluded from the present and the past all but air-brushed away as ten years work left the building in green recycling bags or suffered the ultimate indignity of going through the shredder!

And so began a different life starting with a ‘gap year’.  Except for a five week break in 2000 when I was made redundant in a previous job I have worked continuously since I left University in June 1975 so I  belatedly took the break that most people now seem to take immediately after study.

The following week I became an unemployment statistic and didn’t need that old suit any more!

13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. Shame to waste that suit, Andrew. What are you going to wear to all those upcoming weddings and funerals?


  2. LOVE the burning suit image, Andrew! (and the smile)


    • Thanks Jo – It was a priceless moment! Unfortunately I didn’t plan it very well and I hung it on a plastic coat hanger. I didn’t expect it to go up in flames quite so quickly as it did (I remember catherine wheels on bonfire night from when I was a boy) the hanger melted and the end of the show was a disappointing burning heap in the middle of the lawn. I don’t suppose that I will ever get the chance to put that mistake right!


  3. Seems we left University the same time, although I did have a gap year. I remember email syndrome on two recent occasions, you announce your resignation and suddenly you aren’t copied on any emails anymore, such that the only ones you receive are ones telling you someone has left their car lights on in the car park or Gladys in finance has bought in cakes as its her birthday.

    I offically retired 1 year and 14 days ago, but worked a 3 month notice period to the end of June. I haven’t got my act together as well as you have, but then I am a comparative newcomer to this not working thing. I was a private sector boy, apart from the last 5 or so years spent working for the European Union, so I did get to travel extensively over 35 years, so don’t have such an urge to travel now. I’m sure it’ll come.


  4. Wish I’d had something to burn when I retired. I like your idea, Andrew.
    Hail, hail. I love retirement. Now I finally get to do what I’ve always wanted. It’s 6-1/2 years for me. The first year, I couldn’t figure out who I was anymore but slowing I became involved in things I enjoy and so on and so on. My calendar looks like an elephant with muddy feet has danced on it.
    Happy retirement to all.


  5. Our Adventure in Croatia

    great picture!


  6. Exactly what I plan to do in 3.75 years. I can only hope that I have the kind of retirement that you seem to be having.


  7. Love the photo of burning the suit. So symbolic! It must have been an exhilarating as well as anxiety provoking experience. To the next 35, Andrew.


  8. Congratulations on your retirement Andrew. After working for so many years without a break you definitely earned your freedom.


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