Northern Spain – Sigüenza, the Alcazar and the Plaza Mayor

Siguenza Parador Castle

The soporific combination of a dark room and a quiet street with only whispered footsteps outside meant that we slept until quite late and were only woken when the fire in the corner of the room cranked into life at nine o’clock.  This didn’t matter however because breakfast wasn’t served until half past.

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11 responses to “Northern Spain – Sigüenza, the Alcazar and the Plaza Mayor

  1. We really liked the Parador Santa Domingo – it also beyond our budget to stay there, but it was a great conversion of an old hospital.


  2. Yes, start at the top and work down is my usual philosophy but getting there can be irksome. Have a good weekend. 🙂


  3. As a coffee hater, I need a good cup of tea in the mornings and can’t remember having a decent one anywhere in mainland Europe.


    • I’m with you on the coffee thing – best cup of tea was in Galicia, Spain with Portugal a close second. The Portuguese claim to have first introduced tea to England when Charles II married Catherine of Braganza.
      One thing that lets hotels down in Europe is the absence of tea making facilities in the rooms. I bought a plastic travel kettle but it never made decent tea so I abandoned it!


  4. Not decent tea and then lukewarm. Ugh. What a way to start your day.


  5. I’m here again! You know I love those hands of Fatima 🙂


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