Northern Spain – Sigüenza, The Cathedral and Don Martín Vázquez de Arce

Spain Siguenza

On account of this being the beginning of holy week there were restricted opening hours for the cathedral so as we were absolutely sure that it was open this lunchtime we made our way along two streets named after heroes of the Reconquest, Calle de Cardenal Mendoza and the Plaza del Obispo Don Bernardo and then to the main doors.

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7 responses to “Northern Spain – Sigüenza, The Cathedral and Don Martín Vázquez de Arce

  1. I have fond memories of going to school in Spain. Thanks for the trip back.


  2. What a beautiful place to explore!


  3. I’d heard of El Cid, but not Martin Vazquez. Amazing statue — and you got a great shot without paying or waiting.


  4. Hi Andrew,
    Many sincere Thanks for your visits to my blog. I will gladly tag along on your Spain trip; I have never been to Spain.
    The play El Cid by Corneille had French actor named Gérard Philippe play Don Rodrigo. The role so “stuck” to him that Phillipe was buried in his costume that he used in his El Cid film.


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