Northern Spain – Sigüenza to Atienza on the Ruta de Don Quixote

Siguenza Spain

In a day of unpredictable weather the sun was shining when we stepped out of the dark interior of the cathedral with only occasional summer cotton wool ball clouds in the sky and because it had been rather overcast when we first walked to the castle we decided to do so again.

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4 responses to “Northern Spain – Sigüenza to Atienza on the Ruta de Don Quixote

  1. Andrew, I was a follower of yours until recently when all communication from your blog suddenly stopped. I thought maybe you are taking a brake but then I see you are still very much around (thank goodness). Dont know how to contact you other then here – has somebody cut me off? Shall I re “follow”? Please let me know. Thanks, Carina


  2. I’m feeling restless longings to take my backpack and hit the road again but that’s not going to happen this year so I thank you for taking us to this beautiful spot. I’m not English but I also eat dinner at 7 – if you eat so late you can’t sleep! 😀 Love the photo at the top.


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