Northern Spain – The Ruta de Don Quixote

Consuegra Windmills

Don Quixote is the national glory of Spain.  No one who does not know that has the right to call himself a Spaniard.  There is a monument to him in Madrid…he was our first revolutionary.”                                                                                             Gerald Brenan – South from Granada

My previous post described a short encounter with the Ruta de Don Quixote on a drive between the neighbouring towns of Sigüenza and Atienza but this was not the first time that we had followed other parts of the route…

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7 responses to “Northern Spain – The Ruta de Don Quixote

  1. I love those windmills! 🙂


  2. Me, too! (love the windmills and Don Quixote)


  3. Windmills are bigger than I thought.
    I read a lot but haven’t read Don Quixote yet, although I have seen portrays in live theatre.


  4. I saw the windmills at Consuegra last October – they are wonderful!


  5. After that review I may have to give Don Quixote another go myself


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