Northern Spain – Sigüenza and the Semana Santa

Siguenza Semana Santa 2013

The first Semana Santa (Holy Week) Parade of Easter 2013 was due to begin somewhere close to the cathedral at eight o’clock and because this was something we didn’t want to miss we left the Posada in good time and made our way to the town centre via the Plaza Mayor.

A modest crowd was beginning to form and a one legged crowd control official was hopping about from one side of the road to the other rather like a man trying to herd cats and trying unsuccessfully to make sure people, who mostly interpreted these crowd control measures to be optional, stayed behind the flimsy pavement barriers.

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13 responses to “Northern Spain – Sigüenza and the Semana Santa

  1. Fascinating. I’ve been to Spain once but I never got up to the north. I’d love to see it for myself.


  2. It looks a great event, Andrew.

    I’m surprised the KKK-like costumes have survived their appropriation by undesirables across the water.

    The swastika once had an innocent traditional meaning, but sends a rather different message now and most organisations would avoid using it.


  3. I was lucky enough to see a similar parade in Portugal before Easter. Looks like the tradition extends throughout this part of the world!


  4. Goddammit, Andrew, I intend to write about “Ku Kluks Klan monument” in Segovia, but you are the first as usual 🙂
    Very colorful post by the way! Good job.


  5. I have read that the white cloaked and hooded people are from a tradition of 100 or more years. Still, it is a reminder of a horrible time in my history. This organization still lives today filled with ideas and acts of violence and hatred. Really, the photo made me very uncomfortable.


    • Nearly 5 centuries, you illiterate yokel. That your racist rednecks plagiarised the costumes hardly 150 years ago is not of our business, neither should it be for another American more educated than you are. In Europa a so called tradition of 100 years is simply ludicrous, providing that our history goes back millennia. A 2 centuries old historical building of yours would be here rather modern. Apply the same rule to traditions.


  6. Ugh! The last photo is creepy!


  7. Sigüenza is my hometown and I liked this article very much. Thank you.

    I wouldn’t say northern. Sigüenza is only 120 Km from Madrid.


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