Turkey – Preparation and Arrival

Turkey Postcard

One day in January when the temperature was hovering around zero and icy rain was lashing at the windows my daughter Sally called me with a travel proposal.  She had booked a holiday and the arrangements had fallen through which meant there was a spare place available that needed filling and crucially – paying for and I was being called up as first reserve.

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9 responses to “Turkey – Preparation and Arrival

  1. I have only done all inc in Mexico and Cuba where it was very good and the Cape Verde Islands where it was OK. My mat eDave did it in turkey and told me that they had to smuggl evodka back into the hotel to give the drinks on the all inc package a bit of clout as they were so weak!


  2. All inclusive verdicts: Wedding/honeymoon St Lucia – fantastic: Cyprus – terrible, lots of blancmange for pudding, forced to do a Greek line dance in the restaurant, someone sick in the gym (husband discovered it on the running machine next morning) after a 3am finish to a disco in the hotel; never again: Majorca – OK, nice hotel but after five days glad to go home, one family with very spoilt little girl who was being brought up to be a diva seemed to haunt us ….


  3. Clarification to my comment re the Cypriot ‘all-inc’ experience – we were not in the disco until 3am – we were in our very hot (air conditioning not working)room with our heads under pillows trying to sleep.


  4. Jack Erickson

    You have my attention, Andrew. Our neighbors travel to Turkey every year, the husband is Turkish, and they regale us w/ the wonders of traveling there. Turkey’s moving up our list of future destinations and I’ll start reading next year to make some plans.
    BTW, pick up a copy of Joseph Kanon’s “Istanbul Passage,” a thriller based in Istanbul right after WWII. Great book, wonderful writing, and a gripping story.


  5. You’re going, finally! I hope you will see a lot. Turkey has such treasures to show.


  6. I love all of your stories on your travels. This is not just another photo blog. You tell the real stories. You cover such a variety of topics. It is refreshing. For that reason I have nominated you for: “The Versatile Blogger Award.” I promise you that nothing will happen if you choose not to play it forward, but if you choose to you can find instructions here: http://redclayandroses1.wordpress.com/


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