Turkey – Swimming Pools, Beaches, Ice Cream and Meal Times

Suntopia Tropical

Having come to terms with being in an ‘All Inclusive’ holiday resort on the next day I set to be positive about the experience.  The hotel, I have to say was exceptionally good, the rooms were large and well furnished, the public areas were spotlessly clean, the food was quite exceptional, the staff were wonderful and the service was fast and efficient.

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6 responses to “Turkey – Swimming Pools, Beaches, Ice Cream and Meal Times

  1. Your description of manners in a queue differentiated by nationality explains a lot. 🙂 Never considered it before.


  2. Made me smile, and kind of wish I’d been born French, Andrew.. I’d love some God given right.
    Very noble of you to make this All Inclusive holiday sacrifice, but then, you’ve got to go where the young uns want, too. 🙂


  3. Is it your granddaughter on the photo, Andrew?


  4. wonderful images….


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