Turkey – Culture, Food and Markets

Sarigerme Turkey Sunday Market

The main issue that I have with all inclusive hotels or any holiday village complex style hotels is that they are all so similar and although this one was in Turkey it could just as well have been in Spain or Mexico or Bali.  A lot of people staying here would go home at the end of the week and tell their friends that they had been to Turkey, which was true, but then again no it wasn’t because in a place like this it is impossible to appreciate or understand the culture of the country.

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11 responses to “Turkey – Culture, Food and Markets

  1. Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back, relax and do nothing by the pool!


  2. I would rather like a hotel holiday again, but not all inclusive, Andrew. They seem to site them where you’re a captive audience to a degree anyway. (seems sensible!)
    Glad you enjoyed it- those young uns will be teenagers before you’ve blinked. 🙂


  3. All inclusive have a purpose, so it’s a choice. Sometimes it’s nice to not worry about anything while on vacation. With children in tow, you need a little help.


    • I partly agree. Last year I took the children to a regular resort in Corfu and we looked after ourselves and I like to think that the cultural experience was better than the all inclusive. Or perhaps I am just being selfish?


  4. There were guests choosing burgers and chips?! So unfair that people like that get to go to Turkey when other people, who shall remain nameless, who would love to stuff themselves with authentic Turkish good, are only dreaming about it.

    Are either of the girls Molly?


  5. Totally agree with you, Andrew. One day in the Maldives I did the same thing. It was the evening of French cuisine, and I went up to the chief, shook his hand, and said that he cooks better than in France. He was from Tunisia 🙂


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