Northern Spain – Asturias and the Green Coast

Asturias Postcard

After the visit to Siguenza in Castilla-la Mancha in March our second journey to Spain in 2013 took us to the far north with a good value flight to Asturias.  This is an area that we hadn’t previously visited and a good starting point for visiting the cities of Castilla y Leon.

The weather was quite awful as the Easyjet plane dropped from its high altitude cruising height in the last of the daylight and down towards the stormy waters of the Bay of Biscay and the rugged coastline of Asturias.  When we landed the rain was lashing down and bouncing off the tarmac and adding to the ever spreading puddles – this didn’t look promising and we certainly hadn’t packed appropriately for this.

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6 responses to “Northern Spain – Asturias and the Green Coast

  1. I’ve settled in front of a roaring fire, ready to enjoy the next instalment, Andrew. 🙂


  2. Thanks Jo. Next I am off on a coastal drive!


  3. I remember in the film Vicky Christina Barcelona, they visited Oviedo on a day trip and it looked lovely. Can we expect a blog post from there soon?


  4. Oh my and that bright blue hotel is so colourful.


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