Northern Spain – Oviedo and the Kingdom of Asturias

Oviedo Spain

On day three our objective was to leave the northern coast of Asturias and drive into Castilla y León with plans to visit the major cities of the region but first we would be visiting the capital city of Asturias – Oviedo.

After breakfast we settled up with the owner of the hotel, Santiago, and he invited us to return and with what I thought was a very nice touch he said that we should henceforth consider his hotel to be our home in Spain.

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8 responses to “Northern Spain – Oviedo and the Kingdom of Asturias

  1. very interesting…thanks for sharing


  2. Hi Andrew,
    Very attractive city. I have never been to Spain so this is a nice look
    For me.
    The Asturias have been influenced by the Celtic culture in their past. Asturian dancers and musicians participate every year with the huge French Celtic festival called Interceltique in Lorient (Brittany)


  3. Would you recommend oviedo as a place to stay in its own right, or is there not enough going on there to justify it? Looking forward to hearing about Leon and hope it was worth the drive!


    • Oviedo was good – I’d stay there, it’s close to the coast and the mountains so plenty to do. I am going to do a round up of the cities we visited at the end but I’ll tell you now that Leon was not my favourite.


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