Northern Spain – The City of León

Leon cathedral Spain

The high plain of Castile levelled out at about eight hundred metres above sea level and then we entered a rather tedious section of road that took us to León via a rather circuitous ring road that looped around the south of the city before taking us back towards the centre.  We found an underground car park at the Plaza Mayor and then took the steps from the subterranean basement into the penetrating sunshine.

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11 responses to “Northern Spain – The City of León

  1. Thanks for reminding me, Andrew. I was in Leon in 1976. It was my first trip to Spain, and almost my first trip to anywhere – a great adventure.


  2. Sounds like the ‘no outdoor tortilla’ rules set you off on the wrong foot! Is it a big place, population-wise?


  3. thank you for sharing this blog post! I like spain too!


  4. That’s a shame. Our near neighbours in Tavira hail from Leon originally and still have a home in a nearby village. I was hoping for a thumbs up. (:


  5. The pictures look great, sorry you did not enjoy your visit. Maybe next time!


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