Northern Spain – The City of Zamora and the Hotel Conventa Spa

Zamorra and the River Duero

The Plaza was vibrant and busy with families enjoying the weather (it had rained the day before, the receptionist told us), young boys playing football and girls pat–a-cake and skipping.

In the centre was a church with a statue dedicated to‘Holy Week’  and it was surrounded by arcades, shopping streets leaking away into the intriguing shadows of the alleys and tall colourful buildings decorated with palms and exotic plants.  What was noticeable was how well behaved the children were, how well dressed everyone was and how this seemed like one giant drawing room where an extended family was meeting up at the end of the day and having a sociable hour or two together.

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9 responses to “Northern Spain – The City of Zamora and the Hotel Conventa Spa

  1. Hi Andrew,
    That’s quite a relief to find a lively and happy city of Zamora after your tour of the ghost towns. Awesome hotel!
    It sounds like the roles are same in the car. I do co-piloting almost every time… I have crushed many a map in the past and last year, used a GPS on our Ipad last year in Canada.


  2. That spa break didn’t do Deportivo much good – they got relegated last week!


  3. Worth a big smile, Andrew. You had me toe tapping and singing along. 🙂


  4. Ah, memories of Dean Martin…
    Love the hotel.


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