Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Autovia de Cantabria

Autovia de Cantabria and Marilyn Monroe

As we twisted and turned around winding bends we suddenly found ourselves below one of the many concrete motorway viaducts that span the estuaries and gorges and we stopped to admire the twisting, voluptuous structure high above us, a magnificent and expensive feat of engineering, sinuous and wriggling like a plate of live eels and with more curves than Marilyn Monroe and from where we stood way below like a futuristic highway in the sky.

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Marilyn Monroe Haugesund Norway

Marilyn at Haugesund, Norway

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. Oh yes, that’s a motorway and a half.


  2. You wouldn’t want to take a wrong turn on that motorway.


  3. Great photo! Lively, evocative text


  4. Of course…Marilyn! She is the perfect example of curves. 🙂


  5. I have to admit, I was thinking of my daughter when I saw the theme, but I’m restraining myself! 🙂


  6. Link to full story no worky. Well not for me anyway.


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