Northern Spain – The City of Salamanca

Salamanca Province

“And nothing in Europe better expresses a kind of academic festiveness than the celebrated Plaza Mayor…. Its arcaded square is gracefully symmetrical, its manner is distinguished and among the medallions of famous Spaniards that decorate its façade there have been left spaces for heroes yet to come.”             Jan Morris – ‘Spain’

If the evening meal at the hotel Conventa Spa was exceptionally good then so too was the breakfast the following morning with a full spread presented with no expense spared for only a handful of guests.

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8 responses to “Northern Spain – The City of Salamanca

  1. It looks stunning. I will be sure to book the weather before I make my visit. (if only!) 🙂


  2. Just the name ‘Salamanca’ is enough to give this city extra marks. It just rolls off the tongue in a musical sort of way. 😀


  3. I love all of it: the cathedral, the plaza and the architecture. I don’t usually go out of my way to look at old buildings but how can one not appreciate the beauty and the longevity of the hard labour and wondrous results?


  4. I love Spain and Salamanca is on top of my long list of favorite cities there. Beautiful pictures!


  5. I seriously considered applying at the university there and staying in Spain another year. It’s a gorgeous town that captured my heart.


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