Northern Spain – The City of Ávila

Avila Postcard Map

“When you approach (Ávila) from the west almost all you see is its famous wall, a mile and a half of castellated granite… it looks brand new, so perfect is its preservation and seems less like an inanimate rampart than a bivouac of men-at-arms….”  –  Jan Morris – ‘Spain’ 

As we drove further south into Castilla y Leon the scenery quickly began to change as we left the flat high plains completely behind and began to drive through pine forests with Alpine like meadows, lakes and rivers and snow capped mountains.  Eventually we reached a desolate treeless table top plateau with a wilderness landscape with giant grey boulders lying randomly on the bracken coloured land and then we dropped a little and at eleven hundred metres started to approach Ávila, the highest provincial capital in Spain.

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8 responses to “Northern Spain – The City of Ávila

  1. I loved Avila, the home of one of my favorite saints. Thanks for the trip back.


  2. Never heard of it (no football team, you see) but it looks and sounds gorgeous. I might try to get hold of a copy of that film…


  3. This is an interesting and intriguing


  4. I like your free lunch plan… 😀


  5. After Segovia, we did not even try to drive into Avila. Parked outside.


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