Northern Spain – The City of Palencia

Palencia Spain

” Castile has no coast, so tourists in search of a beach leave it alone…. Castile is almost overlooked.  If Spain is hard, extreme, hot, cold, empty, then Castile is more so.”,                   Christopher House – ‘A Pilgrim in Spain’

It was only a short drive from Valladolid to Palencia and we easily negotiated the traffic and found our way to a car park close to the city centre where we immediately came across a pleasant pavement café where we stopped for coffee and to take time to find our bearings.

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10 responses to “Northern Spain – The City of Palencia

  1. For what it’s worth, I don’t let my mutt approach strangers unless they indicate an interest… The language confusion was hilarious. I’ve run into some French visitors around here and we were unable to communicate. So it goes… 😀


    • I was exaggerating a bit and actually, I am ok with small dogs it’s the big ones that scare me. I wish that I could speak another language – French or Spanish would be particularly useful!


  2. Wow… What a beautiful place.
    I would love to go there.


  3. When you cooked us that lovely paella lunch at your house recently, you told us that cathedral anecdote and got us laughing.
    I thought “but how will it appear on his blog? Will it lose something in the transition* from spoken to written word?”
    I need not have worried.
    * I nearly said “in TRANSLATION”! Ha!


  4. Another place I’ve never heard of – do they not play football there?


  5. The language fiasco had me laughing on the floor. Perhaps, the ‘victims’ were messing with you. In Quebec, if you don’t pronounce French word(s) exactly, you are stared at as if you have two heads.


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