Northern Spain – The City of Burgos

Burgos Cathedral

It was late afternoon when we arrived in Burgos and we located the hotel without too much difficulty and checked in.  I had chosen the Meson Del Cid because of its location and because the hotel web site boasted about the panoramic views of the Cathedral.

Unfortunately our room didn’t have a panoramic view of the Cathedral or its celebrated ornate front door as we were allocated a room at the rear with a view of a tiny courtyard and the back door of an adjacent church and I immediately decided (perhaps unfairly) that this was most likely going to adversely affect my customer review scoring.

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5 responses to “Northern Spain – The City of Burgos

  1. I lived in Burgos for over seven months, only leaving there mid-April. It’s a lovely city with many of its delights emerging over time. I’ve written a number of posts about the city here: (the topmost posts are less about Burgos itself, so it’s worth scrolling down and clicking on more posts to find those specifically about Burgos).


  2. Interesting. Fierce looking guy, that El Cid. Another of those Spanish cities I’d have to get the map out for, Andrew. 🙂


  3. Love the contrast in that last picture


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