Northern Spain – The Plaza Mayor and My Updated Top Ten

Cities of Castilla y Leon

Tomorrow we would be returning to the coast in Cantabria and so now we had come to end of our drive through Castilla y León and our visit to the main cities although, and I apologise for this, we had missed out Soria.

We had visited a lot of new cities and it was time now to reassess our top ten list of favourite Plaza Mayors.  The more places we visit the more difficult this becomes so I have now extended this list from five to ten and introduced two categories – cities and towns.

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3 responses to “Northern Spain – The Plaza Mayor and My Updated Top Ten

  1. Did Madrid not make the top ten cit, or were you only considering northern Spain? It’s the only one I’ve been to but thought it was pretty special.


  2. I agree that the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Salamanca, Toledo, and Seville were quite beautiful.


  3. Andrew, I always look forward to your Top 10 Lists, and this one is particularly interesting. You provide the perfect road map for exploring northern Spain, one of our favorite countries. We haven’t spent enough time in the north and you just provided the incentive. All the best, Terri


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