Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

North Wales


North Wales, United Kingdom – Permanently Saturated!

It rained in Welshpool, it rained in Newtown, it rained in Llangurig and it rained in Aberystwyth as we reached the coast and the road swung south towards our destination.  To our right the sea was grey and uninviting, lashed with spiteful squalls of stinging rain as wave after wave of dark clouds swept in from the Irish Sea and it was about now that I was forced to concede that we probably wouldn’t be having a barbeque this evening.

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Wales in the Rain

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

  1. Hi Andrew

    Brings back not so fond memories as a 10 year old on a school trip to Wales (The headmistress and form teacher were Welsh). Yes ir rained all week, yes we saw all the North coast castles,yes l discovered l had a fear of heights on top of the Eagle Tower, yes we did go up Mt Snowdon in a funny little train – l still cannot spell finicular – and it was very foggy and couln’t see a thing, yes my state supplied bottle of orange juice broke open onto my state supplied corned beef sandwiches – my satchel stunk for weeks, yes there is a photo of me and the other rain soaked kids standing next to the railway station sign bearing the longest name in the whole world – something Llanfair….gohgoghgogh? and yes the great and little Ormes of Llandudno are forever etched in my brains Welsh school trip scrapbook.

    Hope it was better for you, in spite of the weather.




  2. Lol! Love this post. I never made it to Wales… I’m thinking now there was a reason. Stay dry! 😉


  3. The second photo cries out, ‘Really miserable day’. Looks cold as well. Nice shots Andrew.


  4. Hey! I appreciate that you stopped by and “Liked” my saturation pic. If you hadn’t, I might never have found your blog. Thank you!


  5. I guess it rained!:)


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