Italy and Puglia, Doors and Windows of Polignano a Mare

Shuttered Door Polignano a Mare Puglia Italy

5 responses to “Italy and Puglia, Doors and Windows of Polignano a Mare

  1. Interesting. I know Europe is old, don’t the inhabitants care their doors and windows need scraping and painting. I have seen so many in need of some TLC. For this reason I pick the last shutter because it has been loved. 😉
    I’m not knocking any likes or dislikes, I’m only wondering.


  2. Those old decrepit windows are just great, I would hate it if they were all in pristine condition. In Venice there is a local law that requires property owners to only use special paint which makes the woodwork look old!


  3. I love that European ‘distressed’ paintwork look. And anyway, try keeping paintwork fresh looking in the direct mediteranIan sun! I am a door and window ‘nut’and always hastily take masses of photos if I’m in Southern Europe. None as good as these tho!


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