Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Girona Coloured Houses Catalonia Spain

At the first bridge we stopped like everyone else to take pictures of the coloured houses with precarious balconies with rusty iron railings carelessly leaning out over the lazy river, shallow, fringed with reeds and with huge carp prowling the bottom searching for food and as I surveyed the scene I remembered this piece of pointless advice from a tourist guide that I had read: “…don’t attempt to jump in to the Onyar River from any of the bridges across it. In addition to being difficult to get back out of, the water simply isn’t deep enough for the height and you will sustain any number of grievous injuries upon landing.”

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

  1. Bill Bryson…. a favorite author of mine. I generally listen to him on audiobooks since he reads them himself. I love his sense of humor. (humour?) I first stumbled across him with “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”. Oddly enough the UK edition has a different title “Notes from a Big Country”. I listened to the one you’re currently reading on my trip to Utah last spring. My favorite is still the first one of his I read. It describes his reactions to returning to the US after 20 years in the UK. 😀


    • I have read ‘A Short History…’ before but it was nearly 10 years ago so thought I would get it out of the bookcase. I think my favourite remains ‘Neither here nor there’. His last book about the history of the house was also good. Although American, he is part of the British establishment over here. I met him once when he was president of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) and he was a very nice man.


  2. Such lovely colours 🙂


  3. It is inspiring to read what you write and to see your pics. I decided I must join the fray! I wish I had money to really travel. Maybe one day I will but until then it will be little ole me in my little r.v. I’m okay with that for now. But I can still dream!


  4. Wow. This looks scary.


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