More Garibaldi – Giuseppe v Lenin


Fellow Blogger, Richard Tulloch said:                                                                                  “I’ve still seen more statues of Lenin than of anybody else, though not all of them so proudly displayed as Garibaldi is.”

Is he right?

If this were a boxing match then they would both be in the red corner of course.

During the Soviet period, many statues of Lenin were erected across Eastern Europe but many of the statues have subsequently been removed.  Russian lawmakers from the ruling United Russia party and the opposition Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) have agreed a proposal to remove all statues of Lenin from Russian cities, citing high maintenance costs and vandalism concerns as some of the main reasons. Not surprisingly the proposal is being strongly opposed by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Another one bites the dust… Kiev, December 2013:

Lenin Deposed

Read the full story…

And when (if) you come back be sure to drop by this post by Richard …

4 responses to “More Garibaldi – Giuseppe v Lenin

  1. When I was in Vilnius I passed on the opportunity to go on a daytrip to a theme park nearby of a collection of old unwanted Lenin statues!


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